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reminder: Roundtable Awards (today's the last day!)

We at The Chronic Rift podcast are holding the 2009 Roundtable Awards this year to honor stuff created in the genre in 2008. We need you to vote, and today is the last day to do so! Click on this paragraph for more information, or just copy the ballot below.

The Roundtable Awards Categories

Best Writer of a Novel, Short Story, or Comic Book

Best Editor of a Magazine, Anthology, or Comic Book

Best Artist of a Comic Book

Best Cover Artist of a Book, Magazine, or Comic Book

Best Novel

Best Short Story

Best Anthology of Short Stories

Best Nonfiction Book

Best Comic Book

Best Manga

Best Web Comic

Best Fiction Magazine

Best Nonfiction Magazine

Best Fanzine

Best TV Episode

Best Movie

Best Special Effects in a Movie or TV Series

Best Podcast

Best Website

Best Director of a TV Show or Movie

Best Performer in a TV Show or Movie

Best Writer of a TV Show or Movie

Best Animation

Best Character

Best Thing of 2008
(this is whatever caught your attention in 2008: Bionic Woman is cancelled, Adipose dolls, The Chronic Rift returns, etc.)

Hall of Fame
(previous inductees are Dr. Isaac Asimov, Gene Roddenberry, and William Gibson)

Mail your votes to
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