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another review of A Singular Destiny

Michael Warren has reviewed Star Trek: A Singular Destiny on his "Musings of a fandom geek" blog -- which has the Red Dwarfian subtitle of: "Sometimes, you've just got to say 'The laws of time and space? Who gives a smeg?'" -- and done so quite favorably.

Money quote:
As the first book in the sequence helpfully titled “Cleaning Up Mack’s Mess”, A Singular Destiny has a lot to deal with. But, by not tying the story to any of the main casts, DeCandido is once again able to encompass a larger portion of the Star Trek universe, and address issues that have a more wide-ranging impact. After such a universe-affecting event like Destiny, this is exactly the book to follow it - showing how that universe as a whole is affected, instead of focusing on the effects on one small group of people.

Blending in between chapters are snippets of various documents, transcripts, and other material - along the lines of DeCandido’s work in the Shards and Shadows story “Family Matters” (of which, more soon) - to further establish the situation the Star Trek universe finds itself in. And these aren’t just throwaway asides, either - two in particular have major impact, one (between Chapters 7 and 8) especially so, which had me cursing DeCandido rather loudly for being such a magnificent bastard...

Any review that calls me a magnificent bastard is a keeper. *nods*
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