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irons in the fire update

Farscape comics:

The Beginning of the End of the Beginning: #1 is out, #2 will be out on Wednesday. #3-4 have been scripted and approved, and are waiting on Tommy Patterson, Andrew Dalhouse, and Ed Dukeshire to make their magic. Those two issues are scheduled for late February and late March.

Strange Detractors: #1-2 have completed and approved scripts. Will Sliney's working on the art for #1. The script for #3 is due in mid-February. The first issue should hit in March.

D'Argo's Lament: Same deal: #1-2 are done and approved, and the artist is gearing up to draw stuff. The script is due in late February. The first issue should hit in April.


Spectres needs to be done in the next week or two. Which means I need to get my fecal matter together and jam on it. My brain hasn't exactly been cooperating, but it should be over that soon. *kicks brain*

Ghost Academy Volume 1 is 3/5 scripted, with Chapter 4 due 21 February and Chapter 5 due 13 March. It and Spectres are both scheduled for December.

Volumes 2-3 of Ghost Academy are due over the course of March-July. I also may have a story or three in an upcoming Frontline anthology (I also may not).

Star Trek:

Alien Spotlight: Klingons: The script for "Four Thousand Throats..." was done last March. JK Woodward is working on the art right now. (The book's about a third done, and it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!) It'll be out in April.

"The Unhappy Ones" for Seven Deadly Sins was turned in on 1 December 2008, two days before its editor was laid off. It's been bumped to March 2010 and is awaiting the new editor's pleasure.

Mack Bolan, Executioner:

The revised manuscript for Code of Honor was turned in on 5 May 2008. It's scheduled to be published in December. Caribbean Queen was turned in on 3 November 2008, and is scheduled for June 2010.

Other stuff:

"Not Just a Pretty Face (Or Two)," the foreword to In the Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural: page proofs turned in on 12 December 2008. The book is due to be published in March.

An editor is looking at something that would be a sequel to Dragon Precinct. It's a long shot, so please don't get your hopes up. I know I'm not....

I have a tie-in trilogy proposal that may be reduced to a single book -- and may be rejected. The editor likes it, I'm just waiting for word from the licensor (and for the deal to be finalized).

I have two novel pitches -- one another ghost-writing project (not Bolan), one an original -- in with an editor.

Four comic book pitches are floating about in the aether with three different companies.

I have a tie-in short story that's due 25 April, but for which I don't have an approved pitch (I sent two, and I don't know which one the editor wants/licensor approved). It won't be a problem unless and until I still haven't heard by 1 April....

Another tie-in short story is due 23 February. The one in the previous paragraph is a new license; this one is a universe I've worked in before.

A shared-universe short story is due to the editor on 2 March.

I've got a tie-in novel in the early stages of development that I'm just waiting for the go-ahead from the editor on.

The revised manuscript for "Avengers Assemble!--in the Bookstore" in Assembled! 2 was turned in to the editor on 30 December 2008. The book should be out some time this year.

I've got three tie-in anthology notions that need me to put them together (though I don't have much hope for them going anywhere, sadly).

"Wild Bill Got Shot" and "Behold a White Tricycle" are silly little stories that desperately need a market.

I've got a tie-in novel pitch that's probably dead, a Wonder Woman essay that needs the movie to be back on track, and various original novel notions that need developing in what I laughingly refer to as my free time.

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