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why you should be reading Kung Fu Monkey...

Because Leverage show-runner John Rogers writes stuff like this:
One does not "believe" in evolution, any more than one "believes" in atomic theory. The same understanding of science that makes your cell phone work brings us evolution. Call your mom = Australopithecus. Suck it up.

On Lost:
Game Designer/writer Jeremy Bernstein suggests that this season of Lost requires us to come up with a phrase for a TV show that has unjumped the shark. He suggests "going back to the island." I concur and will join others in pointing out that two more seasons of The Adventures of Daniel Faraday, Two-Fisted Action Physicist, along with Snarky Sawyer and Enigmatically Hot Juliet on the Island of Pulp Time Travel woud be just fine, Jack/Kate free.

Word. Also: "Two-Fisted Action Physicist" is my favorite new phrase.

On the Blue Beetle showing up a lot in the new Batman animated series The Brave and the Bold:
I am indeed gratified by the unexpectedly large role Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle has played in the new kid-friendly Batman animated hit. Or, less subtly, I am gratified by the role a character whose book has just been canceled is playing on the hit animated show starring another character who's just been killed off.

Synergy: You're Doing It Wrong.

Scoreboard. Filthy Hollywood Sodomite Socialist Liberals = Very Fucking Good Selling Things in the Free Market. Pious Big Business Tax Break Lovin' Conservatives = Very Fucking Bad at Selling Things in the Free Market.

Capitalism: You're Doing It Wrong.

Go read this blog, a'ready, wouldja?

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