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my New York Comic-Con schedule

Here's my pretty-much-final schedule for New York Comic-Con this coming weekend at the Javits Center in Manhattan. Please note that I will not be there at all on Sunday.

11am-2pm (roughly): BOOM! Studios booth (#1313).
2.15-3.15pm: BOOM! Studios panel (Room 1A06) -- I'll be in the audience heckling and being pointed at and mocked by the BOOM! guys.
3.15-4.14pm: IDW panel (Room 1A07) -- again, I'll be in the audience of this one and jumping up and down when they talk about my Alien Spotlight comic.
6-7pm: The Hero in Prose (Room 1A17) -- Ron Goulart, Paul Kupperberg, Greg Rucka, Marv Wolfman, and I will discuss novels based on comics.

11am-4pm (roughly): BOOM! Studios booth (#1313).
4-5pm: TokyoPop/Blizzard Games autographing (#1621).
5.30-6.30pm: Pocket Books authographing (#1602) -- I'll be pushing Star Trek: A Singular Destiny in particular at this signing, but I'll also sign pretty much anything you shove under my nose...

I won't be at the BOOM! both every second of the times listed, but I'll be there a lot, and if you don't see me there during that time, I'll be back soon enough. *grin* And be sure to get the special NYCC exclusive foil Farscape #1 cover! I'll even sign it and stuff.....

Oh, I also plan to have some copies of Doctor Who: Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership on my person if folks want to snag a copy....
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