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snurched from hughcasey

When you see this, post your favorite poem.

Introduction to the Songs of Innocence
by William Blake

Piping down the valleys wild
Piping songs of pleasant glee
On a cloud I saw a child
And he laughing said to me:

"Piper, pipe a song about a lamb!"
So I piped with merry chear
"Piper, pipe that song again!"
So I piped, he wept to hear

"Drop thy pipe, thy happy pipe
"Sing thy songs of happy chear!"
So I sung the same again
While he wept with joy to hear

"Piper, sit thee down and write
"In a book that all may read!"
So he vanished from my sight
And I pluck'd a hollow reed

And I made a rural pen
And I stained the water clear
And I wrote my happy songs
Every child may joy to hear
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