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iTunes shuffle amusement

As I'm walking home from the dojo tonight, I'm listening to the iPod feature on my iPhone, and the following three songs play in a row: "Success Story" by The Who, "Tourist Town Bar" by Michael McCloud, and "Don't Quit Your Day Job" by Steve Rosenhaus, all three of which are first-person songs about the life of a musician, based on the bands' experiences (The Who song's about a superstar rock band, McCloud's is about a guy who plays the same bar in Key West every night, and Rosenhaus's is about someone trying to make it as a musician but for whom it's not his only thing going).

I was hoping the next one would be "Stagefright" by The Band to keep the theme going, but alas, it was not to be....

Sometimes the shuffle has a sense of humor, obviously.
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