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Schott's Miscellany 9 February 2009

The first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was laid in honor of Joanne Woodward (1960)


The suspicion that the Internet provides the perfect forum for embellishment and reinvention was confirmed in February 2007 by research proving tha tmost people lie on their online dating profile. Jeff Hancock at Ithaca's Cornell University took 40 male and 40 female New York singletons and diligently assessed their physiques. Hancock found that nine out of ten participants had lied at least once on their forms--most commonly about their weight. Inevitably, all the women who lied about their weight claimed to be lighter than they were; in contrast men were more likely to overstate their height. Fortunately, the fibs were mostly minor and unlikely to be noticed in any face-to-face meetings. The average difference between profile and reality was: 6 pounds in weight, 1/3 of an inch in height, and 5 months in age.

PARACHRONISM--erroneous chronology
"King Lear? With a iPod?"

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