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Farpoint schedule

Sorry to be so late posting this, but here's what I believe to be my schedule for Farpoint 2009. (Nobody at the con bothered to inform me what my schedule would be, so I had to seek it out on the web site....)

9pm: "Supernatural: The Boys are Back" (Chesapeake 1) -- I'm not sure if I'm on this panel or not, but I may crash it for obvious reasons.

11.30am-12.30pm: Boogie Knights concert (Greenspring 1/Main Ballroom) -- We'll be debuting a couple new songs, so check it out.
12.30-2pm: Boogie Knights autographing (Atrium Rear) -- We're listed as starting at noon, but since we'll still be performing at noon.....
2-3pm: An Hour with Keith R.A. DeCandido (Dulaney 2) -- I'll be reading, uh, something and doing a Q&A.
3-4pm: "Comic Books Go Cosmic" (Chesapeake 1) -- Discussing SF comics (like, uh, Farscape...).
4-5pm: Robbie Greenberger Memorial (Dulaney 2) -- I'll be in the audience for this one.

10am-12pm: Autographing (Atrium Rear).

I may poke my head into a podcasting panel or two.............
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