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Schott's Miscellany 15 February 2009

Giuseppe Zangara attempted to assassinate Franklin D. Roosevelt in Miami, Florida (1933)


New Yorkers are the worst drivers in the USA, according to a 2007 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test, which asked drivers around the US to take a 20-question version of a standard DMV exam. New Yorkers scored just 71%, compared with a national average of 77%, and had the highest rate of failure, 36%. Drivers in New Jersey, Washington DC, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island also performed poorly, while those in Idaho, Arkansas, and Minnesota scored high marks. Overall, drivers had the most trouble identifying the proper following distance (2 seconds) and the correct response to a steady yellow traffic light (stop if it is safe to do so).

You don't destroy the mystery of a rainbow by understanding the light processes that form it.
Anne McLaren (1927-2007)

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