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Leverage finale (some spoilers)

I actually posted the following on Kung Fu Monkey, the blog to which Leverage show-runner John Rogers contributes (along with BOOM! Studios editor-in-chief Mark Waid and writer Michael Alan Nelson), and I figured I'd share it here. I gotta say, I adore this show....

Has anybody noticed that there's nobody in the universe better than Kevin Tighe at playing calm and arrogant while being threatened? Whether it's his recurring role as Locke's father on Lost, when he appeared as a doctor on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, even his one-scene appearance as the Indiana governor on The West Wing, and again in the Leverage two-part finale -- shove a gun in his face, threaten him, punch him in the jaw, and he's just the perfect picture of arrogant surety.

The downside, of course, is that he sucks at falling apart. On CI when Goren had his climactic I-will-make-you-confess-because-I'm-bigger-and-smarter bit, Tighe's character's breakdown was wholly unconvincing, and sadly, that was the one flaw in the Leverage finale, as well.

Mind you, it didn't really matter that much, because you had Timothy Hutton's battered, weathered calm and Mark Sheppard's intelligent bastardry to make up for it. And besides, Tighe really was the best possible casting for the role.

But what especially impressed me was Sterling. In this character, you have created an actual worthy foe. Too often, the trap is to make the villain flawed or stupid, or to have the villain do something flawed or stupid in order to make the hero win. But Sterling is smart -- in fact, he may be smarter than Nate.

I liked the symmetry, also. In Part 1, Sterling wins because he knows how Nate and Sophie/Jenny think. In Part 2, Nate wins because he knows how Sterling thinks.

Very very very well done, Rogers (and the rest of your usual gang of idiots). I eagerly await the next season (and the DVD set, which I assume will be released at the same time as the premiere of season two, as is standard).
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