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Schott's Miscellany 4 March 2009

The first photographic reproduction in a newspaper appeared in the New York Daily Graphic (1880)


Gaffer: senior electrician who sets up lighting
Best boy: head electrician responsible for set power; reports to gaffer
Electrician: member of the electrical crew; reports to the best boy
Grip: stagehand responsible for moving and setting up equipment
Key grip: the head of the grips
Best boy grip: assistant to the key grip
Dolly* grip: prepares and operates the camera dolly
Craft services**: provides refreshment for cast and crew
Foley artist: sound-effects artist who matches sounds to visuals
Wrangler: handles any animals used in the film

* The dolly is a moving platform on which the camera is mounted for tracking shots.
** Some craft services vie for the most inventive name--one of the best goes by the name Cecil B. deMeals.

Silence is the safest policy for the man who distrusts himself.
Duc de la Rochefoucauld (1613-80)
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