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kat karma

Our cat has melanoma.

You may think you already know this, but you don't -- it's Marcus this time.

I took Marcus in to the vet to have his stitches removed, following having the bump on his nose removed. We also got the results of the biopsy, and it's melanoma.

Now melanoma is rare in cats, so to have two cats in the same house get it at almost the same time is statistically absurd. But then, so is a cat living four-and-a-half years with diabetes and living over two months past when a tumor should have claimed him, both of which Mittens has done. I guess Marcus wanted to be a statistical anomaly too....

The good news, it's not as bad a melanoma as what Mittens has. It's quite possible that they got it all when they took the bump off. It's also possible that it's benign. Part of the problem is that melanoma is so rare in cats that they don't have a lot of data to compare to.

We're gonna take him to an oncologist in Manhattan next week to see what the next step is -- and that step may be nothing. We shall see.


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