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another review of Farscape #3

Tonya Crawford of "Broken Frontier" has reviewed the third issue of the Farscape comic, and it looks like she really really likes us. *grin*

Money quote:
Between series creator Rockne O’Bannon and Keith R.A. DeCandido, this story is moving from strength to strength. The hallmarks of the Farscape TV series included a mixture of characterization, complicated plots (in a good way), twists, turns and reversals, comedy intermixed with drama, and thrilling adventure. The comic book continues to prove that it still delivers all of that and more with new alien creatures and environments that were simply not possible with the constraints of television. Here the writers are completely free to unchain their imaginations and what they have done so far makes this reviewer look forward to whatever else they may have up their sleeves. The characters ring true to their established personas and the dialogue is so spot-on that readers can practically hear the voices of the actors reciting the lines.
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