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the state of the KRAD

First of all, thanks to everyone who sent me encouraging e-mails, messages, etc. You're all wonderful people.

I'm doing better today. With luck, I'll be better tomorrow. terri_osborne and I had a very nice, long chat, which helped both of us a great deal.

Took it relatively easy today. Had a good karate class, and did some research. Also watched Will Ferrell's You're Welcome, America: A Final Night with George W. Bush, which was magnificent -- not a word I use in association with the mostly irritating Ferrell very often. But this was right in his wheelhouse, and it was an excellent, if sometimes bittersweet, look back at the life of the 43rd President of the United States. I especially liked the breakdancing Secret Service agent....

Tomorrow, it's back into Spectres, and also writing up a comics proposal.
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