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my Sunday feeling

Saturday started out okay -- there was shilling at the Hot Chicks with Books table, there was socializing, there was reading, there were panels and autographings, and all that good stuff.

Then we came home.

First there was the fire in the building two doors down at 1am. We're fine, everyone's fine, though we had the people in the building next door sitting in our lobby for some time while the firefighters did their thing. (According to The Cuz, one of the firefighters was named "DeCandido," too....)

Then at around 4.30am, I was awakened by terri_osborne being sick. She threw up a couple of times, and I held her hand while she recovered and eventually went back to sleep. She is not coming to Lunacon today for fairly obvious reasons.

I still feel like shit -- and my own sleep was scattershot last night thanks to fires and barfing sweeties -- but I will be heading back today to do my three panels. Wheee!!!!!
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