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The script for #4 is finished and has been sent to Rockne S. O'Bannon for his papal imprimatur. (Is that the right analogy? Papal bull, may be better.... *snerk*) Anyhow, he'll be calling me with comments this evening, then it goes to Henson for approval, and thence to the BOOM!rats.

Today is the final day of Census training (yay!), which involves more going out in the field which means, today at least, walking around in the rain (boo!). I also need to get back to Ghost Academy.

This weekend is my abbreviated appearance at I-Con 28. Here's my schedule. I'm taking the LIRR there and back, which is a great opportunity to get work done. Then Sunday night, terri_osborne and I are having dinner with Paul Simpson, the editor of the Star Trek Magazine, who's in town for a few days.

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