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more on Farscape #4

"Manic" over at has provided quite a favorable review of Farscape #4.

Money quote:
Over these four issues, Rygel has been at the best he’s ever been, which was probably one of the best things about the entire miniseries. It was also great getting a conclusion to Aeryn’s motherhood troubles, which amusingly broke down to “baby likes to see mommy kick ass.” Overall, this miniseries was a good addition to the Farscape franchise, and I’m looking forward to any upcoming series.

Also, Comic Related made Farscape #4 its Hot Shot of the Week:
There are a lot of licensed properties out there. Some are amazing (Buffy the Vampire Slayer being one example) and some just aren't all that good (I'll let you fill in your own examples here). Farscape from BOOM! Studios has everyone talking about just how good AND true to the original series it is. Four issues in, this one scores a clear Hot Shot honor. If you loved Farscape when it first aired of the Sci Fi Channel, you will not forgive yourself if you miss this series.
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