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irons in the fire update

Farscape comics:

The initial miniseries is now done and released, with the final issue coming out this past Wednesday.

Strange Detractors: As of yesterday, the scripts for all four issues are done, and the first three are approved. The fourth issue script was sent to Henson for their okee dokee late last night. Will Sliney has finished the art for the first two issues, and is working on #3 even as I type. Issue #1 should be on the stands this month.

D'Argo's Lament: The scripts for the first three issues are done and approved. The final script is due this month. The first issue is also out this month, and the art is proceeding apace as well.

I'm turning my attention to the next two miniseries, including the next post-Peacekeeper Wars mini and the next standalone mini. The plots for both (the former by Rockne S. O'Bannon, the latter by me) are done and approved. More on that when BOOM! announces them. The scripts for those are due in sequence over the next few months.

Star Trek:

Alien Spotlight: Klingons should be published this month.

"The Unhappy Ones" for Seven Deadly Sins was turned in back in December of last year. Waiting for word from the editor on that one, which isn't due to be published until March 2010.

I sent a comics pitch to the editor at IDW on 11 March.


Ghost: Spectres was pushed back to June 2010, which means my deadline was also pushed back, to 7 September 2009. I should be able to hit that, he says optimistically....

Ghost Academy is proceeding apace, if slowly. The Prologue and Chapters 1-2 of Volume 1 have been revised per Blizzard's notes, and I'm in the midst of doing likewise to Chapter 3. Once that's done, I have to do Chapters 4-5. Volume 1 is, as far as I know, still on pace to be released in December. Once Chapter 5 is done and approved, we move on to Volume 2....

I might be doing some short pieces for upcoming Frontline volumes, but there's no new news there.

Other stuff:

I have a tie-in story that's supposedly due on 25 April, but I still don't have an approved plot yet. Not sure what's happening there....

My two Mack Bolan, Executioner novels are done. Code of Honor is on track to be out in December, with Caribbean Queen due in June 2010.

My BattleTech short story "Three Sides to Every Story" was turned in on 25 February. Still waiting for final confirmation of the story's disposition -- it should be in the upcoming Classic BattleTech: 25 Years of Art & Fiction anthology from Catalyst Game Labs, but that isn't confirmed yet. If it doesn't go in the book for whatever reason, it will likely appear on

I'm horribly late with a shared-world story that I need to get a move on with.

I've written a proposal for a third Supernatural novel. We're waiting for a new publishing deal to happen before that can possibly go forward.

My essay "Avengers Assemble!--In the Bookstore!" will be in the Assembled! 2 essay collection about the Avengers whenever White Rocket Books gets around to releasing it.

I have two short-shorts -- "Wild Bill Got Shot" and "Behold a White Tricycle" -- that keep getting rejected.

My essay for Smart Pop's Wonder Woman collection is on hold until they reschedule the book.

I've got a tie-in pitch on hold until the line opens up for more submissions.

I have two comics pitches that have been sitting in limbo since 2007.

I sent a requested revision for a comics proposal to an editor on 23 January.

I have two original proposals that I need to put together in my copious spare time -- one is a procedural romance-y kind of thing, the other is urban fantasy.

All my other original notions are either dead or comatose -- including, sadly, more Dragon Precinct novels.
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