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If it's a political scandal, it has "-gate" attached to it. If it's an Internet scandal, it has "-Fail" attached to it. And Amazon has fucked up royally. They have removed the rankings from material deemed "adult," which in reality means stuff dealing with homosexual themes. It also appears that they're not discriminating against anything pornographic, as long as it's hetero porn, and gay men are getting hit harder than lesbians (that came out wrong....). suricattus's LJ has been a pretty good link clearinghouse for the whole mishegoss, so check her out (which you should do anyhow, as she is cool and her LJ is almost as cool as she is).

Now Amazon's trying to say that it was a "glitch," which is a pretty specific glitch, if you ask me (though nobody did).

This has been all over teh intarwubs today, and I spent most of the day at my parents' and doing Census stuff, so I haven't kept up with everything, but I will be watching very closely over the next few days to see how Amazon responds to this. They've gotten a lot of my money over the years, but they won't get another cent if this nonsense continues. They have every right to do as they want with their privately owned corporation, but I in turn have every right to cease to patronize them for being bigoted fucknuts.
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