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AmazonFail Part Trois

As is often the case, Patrick Nielsen Hayden is a voice of reason in the cacophony of knee-jerkitude that is the Internet. Here, he waxes eloquent (and sensible) on the subject of the AmazonFail nonsense.

tehdely has an equally eloquent and sensible discussion of the issue.

I freely admit to having some knee-jerkitude of my own, but Amazon's too important a place to be subject to this kind of bullshit, and they need to not have this kind of thing happen. Or, as Patrick so eloquently put it:
If you don’t think this kind of clusterfark is entirely possible, you probably haven’t worked in a large organization. I don’t mean any of this as special pleading on Amazon’s behalf (although, full disclosure, obviously they’re one of Tor’s largest customers, so you may dismiss my views if you so desire). I just find it implausible that Amazon would want to alienate GLBT readers and their friends, who form an enormous and valuable segment of both their customer base and (surely) their own organization. Indeed, I suspect that dozens of Amazon executives and PR professionals will be having hurried meetings in Seattle this Monday morning, and that consumption of antacids at those meetings will be at an all-time high.

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