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This is an icon meme. Some people do this by having people comment and then I would pick six of their icons and then the person would have to explain them.

I'm not going to do that because I'm lazy, but I will reply to deza's request for an explanation of six of mine.

This is an image of my tomato press (well, okay, not my tomato press, but the same model). A tomato press is a wonderful wonderful thing, as it allows one to easily make tomato sauce straight from plum tomatoes themselves. It results in the best tomato sauce in the world, to wit, mine. (No, I'm not at all modest, why do you ask?) I use this icon whenever I talk about cooking or food.

A picture of me playing bongos with the Boogie Knights, taken (and caption added by) thehey at Shore Leave (or maybe Farpoint, I forget). It's a fun picture of me doing my percussional thang, and I use it sometimes when discussing music and/or the Knights.

The logo for the Kenshikai Karate-Do Association, the discipline of karate that I study. The logo is simply the kanji characters that spell "kenshikai." The term literally translates to "association of wise people" (ken=wise, shi=person or people, kai=association or gathered in a common purpose). I use this when discussing my karate.

The one... the only... Groucho Marx has always been one of my heroes, and one of my favorite comedians. (Duck Soup remains the funniest movie ever, to my mind.) This illustration of him by the equally legendary Al Hirschfeld is what I use for funny stuff.

Beware THE FACE OF BOB! My good friend Bob Greenberger had to miss several conventions he usually attended in 2008 due to his son Robbie's illness -- leukemia, from which he eventually died, tragically at the age of 20. The folks at Conventional Magic -- who do the tech work for many Baltimore-area conventions -- took Bob's bio photo from one of the previous program books, mounted it on foam core, and attached a stick to it. We may not have had Bob, but we had THE FACE OF BOB! Glenn Hauman got good use out of it while substituting for Bob both during movie previews and during Mystery Trekkie Theatre 3000. I have no idea where THE FACE OF BOB! wound up....

Over the years, MANY people have noted my resemblance to a Muppet in general and to Fozzie Bear in particular. ("Wokka wokka!!!") louiseroho, in her infinite silliness, made an animated GIF of me morphing into Fozzie. (She made another one that was even cooler, but it was too big for LJ's britches, sadly.)
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