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Short Trips coming to a close

Big Finish has lost their license to do Doctor Who books. Their audios will continue, but the Short Trips series of Who anthologies is coming to an end. I made two contributions to the series -- I wrote "Life from Lifelessness" for Destination Prague and I edited The Quality of Leadership -- and was hoping to contribute more (I had several proposals floating about), but alas, it is not to be. Sigh.

The 29th and final Short Trips will be a "best of" of the previous 28. For Re:Collections, editor Xanna Eve Chown asked each of us editor types to pick a story from our respective books.

It was a tough choice for me. I loved all the stories in the book, of course. But ultimately, I kept coming back to the story that stood out the most: Allyn Gibson's Sixth Doctor tale "The Spindle of Necessity," which had the Doctor meeting Plato, and was told entirely as a Socratic dialogue.

Yes, really.

Re:Collections is due out in May, and is available for preorder from Big Finish's web site and should be available in this country from Who NA and the wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful folks at Mike's Comics.

(BTW, Big Finish won't be reprinting any of the anthologies once the licenses lapses, so if you want to buy any of the 29 books, better do it soon....)
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