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Census Ctuff

So, the Census...

After my training was completed, I was sent to a different group. Each region is broken down into neighborhoods, and my neighborhood in the Bronx had too many people, and another area had too few, so I was sent there (along with a few other fellow travellers). After working with them for a bit, I was transferred to another area -- this one including the neighborhood I grew up in (which I haven't spent any time walking around in 15 years; in some ways it's totally different, and in others it's exactly the same).

The address canvassing was originally supposed to be an eight-week job, but after three weeks it became obvious that we didn't need that long. We're apparently too efficient. *laughs* (I'm guessing that doing this with a handheld computer is much faster than anyone anticipated.)

So the term ends tomorrow, and all the canvassing has to be done by then. I've done all the stuff I was supposed to do, so I'm set.

The next stage is Quality Control, and I'm told that I'm likely to be hired back to do that, so that's good. I guess they liked my work. *grin* Certainly being hired to do QC will take the sting out of losing four weeks' work......
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