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busy Saturday

Woke up and went to the dojo early to help out with the kids' color-belt class, since Shihan is on vacation. It was fun -- Senpai Gustavo put me in charge of the blue belts, the lowest of the color-belt students, and they struggled a bit -- and then we had the regular class.

That was a sweaty time -- next time I do this, I'm changing gis between classes, because I was pretty stinky at the start of the adult class -- and then I came home, watched some of the Yankee game. I turned it off when the Yankees were (I thought) safely ahead 6-0, and went to the Starbucks to work. The Yankees coughed it back up while I toiled, losing 16-11, while I revised "Three Sides to Every Story," the Classic BattleTech story that will be appearing in their 25th anniversary anthology, and Chapter 3 of Ghost Academy Volume 1. Tomorrow, I write (at least) Chapter 4.

Came home, and then watched Primeval with terri_osborne. God, I love that show. Lester so rocks....
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