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the stupid doesn't just burn, it immolates

Two F-16s and a 747 -- one of the planes used for Air Force One -- flew low over lower Manhattan for a photo opportunity and training exercise.

Which wouldn't have been so bad, except nobody bothered to tell the people working in the nearby buildings, who just might have an issue with low-flying planes near the former World Trade Center site. *fume*

The FAA and NYPD were notified, but the latter were specifically instructed not to tell the public, which definitely wins some kind of award for stupidity above and beyond the call of duty. That award should also go to (at the very least): Marc Mugnos, director of operations for the Office of Citywide Event Coordination and Management, who was informed, but didn't bother to tell Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who was rather steamed to say the least (that Mugnos still has a job is something of a miracle); and Louis Caldera, director of the White House military office, whose idea it was. Caldera has taken responsibility, though he's another one who really should have a new job come tomorrow....

Words cannot describe how appalled this makes me. This is the type of inconsiderate idiocy and disconnect to the human condition that was the hallmark of the Bush Administration. I was hoping for a bit more of that change they were talking about. *snarl*
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