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the writer's mind is a weird place...

Okay, remember that story that's due on 15 May? I've been doing research for it slowly but surely, but I didn't think I'd even get to start on it for another week, at least.

And then, while taking the Express Bus home from midtown after checking the PO box, the ENTIRE FRAPPING STORY just fell into my head. Including about 75% of the dialogue.

I got home at 5.30 and have been writing continuously since. It's now 8.30, and I'm at a hair over 3000 words.


Sometimes, this happens. My only complaint is that this story kinda leapfrogged its place in line, as there are three other items I need to finish this week that I've barely started because of flu-ishness.

But you gotta go where the brain leads, sometimes.....
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