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all good things...

Well, that icon probably won't be seen again for a while, if ever....

terri_osborne and I are no longer a couple. We will continue to share the apartment (not to mention custody of Marcus and Aoki), but as roommates and friends, not boyfriend/girlfriend or affianced.

The reasons for this are many and varied, and mostly relate to the personal compulsions I've been fighting for the past year-plus.

We may try again down the line if and when we're both more together (she's got her own issues, which my issues were exacerbating), and we remain friends (in fact, the friendship has been doing a lot better than the couplehood of late), and you'll probably still see us at some conventions together.

But we are no longer an item, as the tabloids say....

I'm not at all happy about this, but I'm also fully aware of why this is the right move for both of us.

Thanks for listening.
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