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that story from yesterday....

I've been given the okay to say what it's for, at least....

Last year, Moonstone Books published Tales of Zorro, which had 17 stories of the legendary swashbuckler from 19th-century Alta California by a bunch of cool writers (among them, buddies Robin Wayne Bailey, Max Allan Collins, Greg Cox, A.C. Crispin, Peter David, Robert Greenberger, C.J. Henderson, Nancy Holder, Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin, and Jeff Mariotte).

It did so well that editor Richard Dean Starr has invited a whole 'nother group of writers (such as, well, me) to contribute to More Tales of Zorro. Due out later this year, also from Moonstone, it will include the story that jumped out and wrote itself down yesterday, which is entitled "Letter from Guadalajara."

I'll say more once Zorro Productions approves the story.
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