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irons in the fire update

Farscape comics:

The first issues of Strange Detractors and D'Argo's Lament are both on the stands now. I just approved the lettering for the second issues of both this past week.

Just today sent Gone and Back #1's script to Rockne O'Bannon for his comments. Next in the queue is the first issue of the next solo miniseries I'm doing, then G&B2, and back and forth for the next little bit. Basically, it's a script every two weeks for the foreseeable future....


I turned in the revision of Chapter 3 of Ghost Academy Volume 1 on 25 April. Chapters 4-5 are next in the queue, and are overdue. *sigh*

I've got two possible stories I might be doing for a future Frontline manga.

Spectres is still due 7 September. The chapters to Volumes 2-3 of Ghost Academy will be due in sequence once Volume 1 is done.

Star Trek:

"The Unhappy Ones" in Seven Deadly Sins was turned in in December. I assume it's still on track to be published in March 2010.

I have two pitches in with the editor at IDW, one I sent on 11 March, one I sent on 18 April. I'm supposed to be talking to said editor on Monday about them.

Mack Bolan, Executioner:

Both Code of Honor and Caribbean Queen are turned in and are on track for December 2009 and June 2010 publication, respectively.

Other stuff:

"Letter from Guadalajara" for More Tales of Zorro was turned in on 30 April, and is awaiting approval by Zorro Productions.

The revision to "Three Sides to Every Story" for BattleTech: 25 Years of Art and Fiction was turned in on 25 April.

I'm told there will be news, one way or other, on more Supernatural books soon.

My essay for Assembled! 2 may now be in Assembled! 3, as the book got too big for its britches.

I've got a YA proposal I need to get done.

The short-shorts "Wild Bill Got Shot" and "Behold a White Tricycle" remain in limbo.

A tie-in pitch is awaiting the line to open up again.

A comics proposal revision is awaiting the editor getting to it.

Two comics pitches have remained in limbo since 2007.

A bunch of original notions need me to focus on them at some point in my existence.

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