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upcoming conventions

A bit of a stalker's update.....

22nd-25th--Balticon 43 in Hunt Valley, Maryland: I'll only be attending this on Sunday in percussionist mode, being there for the Boogie Knights concert Sunday evening. (And it's also assuming finances permit...)

19th-21st--Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina: I'll be spending the lion's share of my time at this comics convention at the BOOM! Studios booth, hawking Farscape comics.

10th-12th--Shore Leave 31 in Hunt Valley, Maryland: As usual, I'll be at Shore Leave, as an author, as a percussionist, and, for the first time, as the subject of a Comedy Roast.

23rd-26th--Comic-Con International in San Diego, California: You'll be able to mostly find me at the BOOM! Studios booth, and I'll also be accepting my wholly undeserved Grandmaster Award from the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers.

6th-10th--Anticipation, the 67th Annual WorldCon in Montréal, Québec: I plan to attend this con this year.

21st-23rd--4Pi-Con in Enfield, Connecticut: I'll be an author guest, and I'll also be helping out the Hot Chicks with Books (terri_osborne, girlyengine, ktpinto, saraphina_marie, and possibly shadesong) as their loyal minion.

4th-7th--Dragon*Con 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia: I'll be doing my usual mad dash about several different tracks this year.

18th-20th--FenCon VI in Dallas/Fort Worth,Texas: I'll be a Special Guest of this convention.

20th-22nd--PhilCon 2009 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey: I intend to be an author guest at this convention.

I also might be attending Fan Expo Canada 2009 in Toronto in August along with the other BOOM!rats. We're still working that out....
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