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the joys of ego-Googling while sick

I found some nice reviews of my work....

"Willowe," who writes the "Readings of a Teenage Tree" blog, reviews two Supernatural novels: my own Bone Key as well as Jeff Mariotte's Witch's Canyon.

Money quote:
Sam and Dean were more in-character in this book as well, in my opinion, which made it a lot easier to read. Plus, Bobby was included in this, so how could you not love it?

I read Nevermore, another Supernatural book by Keith DeCandido and I must say I like how he writes Sam and Dean.

Also, a guy named Josh does pop-culture reviews at Motion Pictures Comics dot com, and he's got some nice things to say about Star Trek fiction. He's got a two-part overview of recent Trek books (Part 1 and Part 2) -- including some raves about Articles of the Federation -- and a nice review of infinitydog's Destiny trilogy.

But the reviews I care about are the two Mirror Universe trade paperbacks and A Singular Destiny.

Money quote regarding The Mirror-Scaled Serpent:
DeCandido’s reverse version of the pilot episode of Star Trek: Voyager is a remarkably clever and engaging tale. I was far more interested in the plights of the characters in this story than I ever was watching actual Voyager episodes! And I absolutely loved the story’s connection to the Classic Trek episode, “The Cloudminders.”

Money quote regarding A Singular Destiny:
A Singular Destiny is exactly the type of Star Trek story that I love (no matter what type of media it is in): a BIG, galaxy-spanning tale filled with real dramatic stakes that is filled with connections to and explorations of many of the different characters, worlds, and races that have been developed by the previous Trek movies, TV series, and novels. It’s a winner.

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