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I never could get the hang of Thursdays...

Saw the ENT this morning, who said, "Yeah, there's an infection there, all right," and added steroids to my pile o' medications. The swelling in the gland has already gone down (it was the size of a baseball bat yesterday, which is why my PCP sent me to a specialist in the first place), and swallowing is much much easier.

I had lunch with bronxbob350, and then went uptown to check the PO box and meet with some folks with whom I hope to be doing lots of work. The PO box also had my contributor's copies of Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Klingons, which made me happy.

Then home to do a bit of prep-work for the Great Shift of the apartment, as well as changing the cat-litter and some food shopping. Oh, and I also scripted about 5-6 pages of D'Argo's Trial.

The sad thing is, this is me taking it easy. *sigh*

I'm gonna go collapse now....................
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