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Nurse Aoki is on duty!

One of the many things I love about Aoki is that she has learned the whole "empathetic kitty" thing from Marcus. When her humans are sick, she knows that it helps us out for her to curl up and be affectionate.

Last night, I finally went to bed for real at 4am after taking the antibiotics and painkillers, and as soon as I lay down, Aoki climbed onto my legs and curled up to sleep. She stayed there all night. When I got up to go to the bathroom around 7 or so, she moved and then plunked herself back down when I went back to bed, and stayed until the alarm went off at 10am for the next round of drugs.

Since then, I've been futzing about on the computer, and she's been right here, sometimes in my lap, sometimes nearby at the door to the patio staring out at the world. But mostly, she's been taking care of her human. *smile*

The plan today is to do very little save lay about and be a lump. I may try to get some more of D'Argo's Trial written, but that's it as far as work goes. Also I need to do some moving about of stuff as part of The Great Rearrangement, but I can do that in little baby steps here and there throughout the day.

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