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writing plan

Like any plan, this will likely be altered within two minutes of engagement, but it's worth having a plan, anyhow.............

I'm shooting to get ahead of myself with Farscape scripts. Strictly speaking, I only "need" to do one every two weeks, but the comics are in a constant state of falling-behind (an industry-wide problem, as far as I can determine), so I'm going to try to build up a backlog to help ameliorate that. Also: when I finish a script, I can bill for it. *grin*

What this means in practical terms is that from now to the end of June, I've got a Farscape script due every Monday. I'm five pages into D'Argo's Trial #1, and should be able to finish it this weekend. Gone and Back #2 will be due on the 18th, with DT2 due the 25th, GB3 on 1 June, DT3 on 8 June, GB4 on 15 June, and DT4 on 19 June.

The conversation I had with a licensor on Thursday settled on me having to get a proposal and sample chapters written for a YA tie-in project done by 1 June. I also need to get the last chapter of Ghost Academy Volume 1 done, which I should be able to do this week between Farscape scripts.

A Supernatural novel could still happen -- still waiting on final confirmation. I have absolutely no idea what the deadline will be for that, or if it'll even happen. Wheeeee!

I've also got a shitload of other projects I really need to start writing down, but they're all spec work and have to take a back seat to stuff that has money attached to it. As usual.

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