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my Sunday feeling

There are times when I'm so exhausted I can't see straight and I'm hiccuping/belching/whatever so much that I'm sure my belly is going to explode, and my stomach feels like there's a boulder in it, that I wonder if the cure is worse than the disease. Then I remember what I felt like on Wednesday. *wry grin*

I'm ten pages into D'Argo's Trial #1's script, and hope to finish it tonight. Meanwhile, I'm going over to the parents' for Mother's Day festivities (which will also be Father's Day festivities, since I'll be in Charlotte Father's Day weekend).

terri_osborne and I are working on it. It's a tough situation, and there are times when it gets pretty ugly, but there are times when things seem to be okay. It'll take a while to adjust (progress is being made on rearranging the apartment which will, I think, help immensely).


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