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so I've finally seen Star Trek

And it was fun. Didn't really blow my doors off, as the plot was dumber than a box of hammers, but the performances were all spot on, and it was an enjoyable couple hours. I also think it'll do what it was supposed to do, which is give the franchise the kick in the ass it needed after getting nothing but Voyager, Enterprise, and Nemesis for the last decade.

I can't really work up much more enthusiasm about it, though, as I've never thought that movies were the right medium for Star Trek. At its best, Trek is about people and how they're affected by the conflicts around them. Big-ass action movies, especially post-Star Wars sci-fi flicks, don't often have time for that sort of nonsense, and this movie was no different. I can't see myself ever having any great desire to see this again, a feeling I share with the previous ten films, honestly.

Still, I enjoyed myself. Particular kudos to Karl Urban, who simply nailed McCoy, and to both Chris Pine and John Cho, who could easily have devolved into parody and impersonation, but who instead brought out the essence of Kirk and Sulu. And Zachary Quinto was an amazingly good Spock. The scene with Spock and McCoy discussing Spock's grief over Vulcan's destruction ("If you feel I should instead walk through the corridors weeping...") was a letter-perfect re-creation of a Spock-McCoy conversation from the original series.

(Oh, and anyone who thinks they pulled Spock/Uhura out of their asses, go watch "Charlie X" again, specifically the mess hall scene. Go ahead. I'll wait.)

And of course, there was Leonard Nimoy, who still acts everyone off the screen.

But the plot really didn't make any kind of sense, and Erc Bana's Nero managed to be an even more boring villain than Ru'afo from Insurrection, which I didn't think was possible.
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