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buy my comics as well as my books!

In addition to the books I have for sale, I'm also selling copies of my recent comic book work. Please note that for the comics only, I need to charge $4 shipping for all orders that are for three comic books or less. So this means if you order one, two, or three comics, you have to add four bucks for shipping; if you order four or more comics, then it's just the price of the comics (which are all cover price, also four bucks).

With the books and the comics, please PayPal me the total amount to keith at decandido dot net. Specify your shipping address and to whom you want the comic or book autographed -- and in the case of the comics, if you prefer the autograph on the cover or on the title page.

The available comics include the following (prices in U.S. dollars):

Farscape #1 (specify Cover A or Cover B): $4.00
Farscape #2 (specify Cover A or Cover B): $4.00
Farscape #3 (specify Cover A or Cover B): $4.00
Farscape #4 (specify Cover A or Cover B): $4.00
Farscape: D'Argo's Lament #1 (specify Cover A or Cover B): $4.00
Farscape: Strange Detractors #1 (specify Cover A or Cover B): $4.00
Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Klingons: $4.00

Plus, of course, there's these books for sale:

Doctor Who: Short Trips: Destination Prague: $25.00 SOLD OUT!
Doctor Who: Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership: $25.00 SOLD OUT!
Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda: Destruction of Illusions: $10.00

Trade paperbacks
Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds, and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly: $18.00
Imaginings: An Anthology of Long Short Fiction: $14.00 SOLD OUT!
Star Trek: Tales from the Captain's Table: $14.00 SOLD OUT!
Star Trek: Tales of the Dominion War: $14.00
Star Trek: Corps of Engineers: Wounds: $16.00
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Twist of Faith: $18.00
Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows: $16.00
Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions: $16.00
Star Trek: New Frontier: No Limits: $14.00
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Sky's the Limit: $16.00
Star Trek: Voyager: Distant Shores: $14.00
The Ultimate Silver Surfer: $14.00
Untold Tales of Spider-Man: $14.00
X-Men Legends: $14.00

Mass-market paperbacks
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Deathless: $7.00
Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars: $5.00
CSI: NY: Four Walls: $8.00
Darkness Falls: $7.00
Resident Evil: Extinction: $8.00
Star Trek: A Singular Destiny: $8.00
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Demons of Air and Darkness: $7.00
Star Trek: I.K.S. Gorkon: Enemy Territory: $8.00
Star Trek: Klingon Empire: A Burning House: $8.00
Star Trek: The Lost Era: The Art of the Impossible: $7.00
Star Trek: The Next Generation: A Time for War, a Time for Peace: $7.00
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Q & A: $8.00
Star Trek: S.C.E. Book 1: Have Tech, Will Travel: $7.00
Star Trek: S.C.E. Book 2: Miracle Workers: $7.00 SOLD OUT!
Star Trek: S.C.E. Book 3: No Surrender: $7.00 SOLD OUT!
StarCraft: Ghost: Nova: $8.00
Supernatural: Bone Key: $8.00 SOLD OUT!
World of Warcraft: Cycle of Hatred: $8.00
Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Volume 3: $8.00
Young Hercules: The Ares Alliance: $3.00
Young Hercules: Cheiron's Warriors: $3.00
both Young Hercules novels: $5.00

If you have any questions, post 'em here. (If you've already ordered books, be patient -- I'm planning to do a mass shipment next week....)

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