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A Singular Destiny reviewed!

defcons_treklit reviews Star Trek: A Singular Destiny for Unreality SF, giving it a rating of 81%.

Money quote:
You could call A Singular Destiny a transitional novel, and you would be right, since it picks up the Alpha Quadrant in the state David Mack left it at the end of Destiny and carries it to the beginning of the "next big thing" for Trek literature, the Typhon Pact arc. But the great thing about A Singular Destiny is that it doesn’t really feel like a transitional novel, and easily sucks you in on its own merits. Overall, it's a strong novel, once again showcasing how talented a writer Keith R.A. DeCandido really is. Where other writers might have settled with unceremoniously bringing the Trek universe from Point A to Point B, he creates a tale that keeps the reader caring for the characters the whole time, while never losing the focus.

Thanks for the review, Jens! *beam*

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