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Saturday stuff....

Large chunks of the Great Switcheroo were accomplished today. I have a good feeling that we'll both be ensconsed in our respective new bedrooms by tomorrow night. The three bookcases that I'm taking with me into the new bedroom are all there, and two of them are filled. terri_osborne's three bookcases that are replacing them in what was my office and is now the library are in, and need to be filled. I still need to move the stuff from one desk to the other. I also need to move the DVD/CD cabinet out of my new bedroom office and into the living room so there's room for my other stuff....

With luck, this is my last night sleeping in my old office.

Terri and I also caught bits of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on Sci-Fi, and sweet touchdown Jesus, did they butcher it. Still, I suppose we should just be grateful that Sci-Fi is showing a movie on Saturday night that doesn't suck....

Gonna try to work on Gone and Back #2 tonight.

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