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two anthologies I'm in

There are two anthologies I'm going to be in later this year, one a fiction anthology, one a collection of essays. The former is More Tales of Zorro, edited by Richard Dean Starr, the second of Moonstone Books's anthologies of short stories featuring the Fox. The latter is Assembled! 2, edited by Van Allen Plexico, the second of White Rocket Books's essay collections about Earth's Mightiest Heroes (I provided the introduction to Assembled!, released in 2007).

MORE TALES OF ZORRO, edited by Richard Dean Starr

Kage Baker
Matthew Baugh
Johnny D. Boggs
Henry Darrow
Keith R. A. DeCandido
Carole Nelson Douglas
Win Scott Eckert
Jennifer Fallon
Craig Shaw Gardner
Joe Gentile
Alan Dean Foster
Joe R. Lansdale
John Peel
Jean Schanberger
Richard Dean Starr
Steve Rasnic Tem
Timothy Zahn

ASSEMBLED! 2 by the Jarvis Heads of, edited by Van Allen Plexico


Introduction (Tom Brevoort)

Part One: The Big Three
And There Came A Day... (Van Allen Plexico)

Captain America: An Overview (Dave Medinnus)
Captain America Ratings: The Steve Rogers Scale (David Medinnus)
Captain America, Welcome to the Avengers (Sharon Karibian)
The Romantic Life of Captain America (David Medinnus)
Captain America: Ultimate Avenger? (David Medinnus)
Why Captain America Should Not be Avengers Leader (Ian Watson)
Captain America: Fallen Son (Mark Bousquet)
The Golden Age Captain America (David Medinnus)

Iron Man: An Overview (Rob Clough)
Iron Man in the Late 1970s (Van Allen Plexico)
Tony Stark: Villain (Mark Beaulieu)
Iron Man’s World Conquest (Van Allen Plexico)
The “Mr. Kline” Anticlimax (Scott Harris)

Of Gods and Men: The Mighty Thor (Karen Walker)
On the Problems of Thor as an Avenger (Ian Watson)
Gerry Conway’s Thor (Scott Harris)
Why the Avengers are More Interesting with Thor on the Team (Trace Shelton)
The Celestials and Thor (Scott Harris)
Jim Starlin's Thor (Scott Harris)

The Big Three: Perceptions and Reality (Ian Watson)
The Big Three: History of a Friendship (Roberto Branca)

Jarvis: Why He is an Avenger (Joe Crowe)
Jarvis Assembled: His Top Seven Moments (Ian Watson)

Part Two: Foes No Single Superhero Could Withstand
On Ultron and the March of the Machines (Ian Watson)
Ultron as Pym’s True Son (James Cameron Newton)

A Brief History of Kang (Rob Clough, Michael Proteau, Owen Erasmus, and Van Allen Plexico)
Kang’s Immortality Problem (Van Allen Plexico)
Of Kurt and Kang (Van Allen Plexico)

Part Three: Disassembled
Avengers at a Glance (Joe Crowe)

The Young Avengers (George Kopec)

The Iron Man Movie: A Personal Take (Van Allen Plexico)
The Iron Man Movie Sucks / Rocks (The Jarvis Heads)
Iron Man (Animated): Armored Adventures (Joe Crowe)

Worst Reporters Ever (Mark Beaulieu)

Avengers Forever (Rob Clough)
Avengers Annual #7 and MTIO Annual #2 (Van Allen Plexico)

Avengers Assemble--in the Bookstore! (Keith R.A. DeCandido)

My Zorro story actually focuses on Zorro's nemesis, Captain Monastario, and is entitled "Letter from Guadalajara." My contribution to Assembled! 2 is an overview of Marvel Comics novels.

Both books should be out in the fall. Don't worry, I'll let y'all know the microsecond they're available. *grin*

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