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Schott's Miscellany 25 May 2009

Memorial Day Observed
Spring Bank Holiday (United Kingdom)


Royal gun salutes are fired to mark special anniversaries and constitutional events:

Accession Day * The Queen's Birthday * Coronation Day * The Duke of Edinburgh's Birthday * The Queen's Official Birthday * State Opening and Prorogation of Parliament * Royal Births * when a visiting head of state meets the sovereign in London, Windsor, or Edinburgh

The royal salute is 21 rounds--though 41 are fired at Hyde Park (a Royal Park) and the Tower of London (a Royal Palace and Fortress). On royal anniversaries the tower fires 62 rounds--the additional 21 "for the City of London." When the Queen's official birthday coincides with the Duke of Edinburgh's actual birthday, the Tower of London fires a total of 124 rounds--i.e., 62 rounds twice.

PUCKFIST--an empty, pompous braggart
"Reality TV proved the perfect forum for the puckfist."
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