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Farscape beats Star Trek

With the obvious exception of Countdown, the Farscape comics from BOOM! Studios are outselling the Star Trek comics from IDW, which is pretty impressive when you consider that IDW is a larger company than BOOM! and when you consider that Star Trek is an active franchise with a highly anticipated movie that's a huge hit in theatres right now and a thriving line of tie-in novels and other ancillary merchandise, and that Farscape is a somewhat less active franchise with nothing on the air since 2003, almost no current ancillary merchandise or tie-ins aside from this comic, and a much smaller core audience.

Here's how it broke down in April:

146. Star Trek: Countdown #4--14,544
184. Farscape: Strange Detractors #1--9465
191. Farscape #4--9067
203. Farscape: D'Argo's Lament #1--8485
209. Star Trek: Mission's End #2--8159
211. Star Trek: Crew #2--8120
228. Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Klingons--7022

For that matter, here's March:

127. Star Trek: Countdown #3--12,486
157. Star Trek: Missions End #1--9351
162. Star Trek: Crew #1--9167
164. Farscape #3--9008
193. Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Tribbles--7369
194. Star Trek: The Last Generation #5--7301

And February:

144. Star Trek: Countdown #2--11,357
168. Farscape #2--9020
196. Star Trek: The Last Generation #4--7248

And December 2008 (no Farscape comics were published in January):

187. Farscape #1--12,775
249. Star Trek: The Last Generation #2--7654

It should be pointed out that the above doesn't count any of the second printings or special editions of the various Farscape comics, so they may have done even better.

This is, as they say, cool....

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