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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame NYC Annex

Yesterday, after a lovely lunch at the Ginger Man (a midtown pub that I can't recommend highly enough), I went with girasole and the Infomancer to the Rock Hall Annex, which is a small space on Mercer Street in SoHo. It's a wonderful museum that starts you out in a room with a list of all the inductees, in which music by those inductees is played. (Side note: While I share debg's outrage that session pianist Nicky Hopkins hasn't been inducted, I found myself even more outraged that Carole King isn't in the HoF, especially since fellow Tin Pan Alley residents Lieber & Stoeller are, and King was just as important a TPA songwriter as those two and had huge impact as a performer beyond that. This is a travesty. Edited to add: Nemmind -- turns out she is in, but I couldn't find her name because she's listed jointly with her longtime collaborator Gerry Goffin, so I didn't find her under B.B. King where I was expecting to find her. *shamefaced expression*)

Then they bring you into an auditorium where they show a brief history of rock and roll using entirely live performance clips of folks ranging from Muddy Waters to the Beatles to the Clash to U2 and back again.

Then you go into the museum itself, after being handed a pair of headphones attached to an MP3 player with a sensor so that the music you hear matches the exhibit you're standing in front of. They've got clothing, notebooks, guitars (a lot of guitars), records, and stuff. My favorite was the New York City section, which includes an entire shrine to CBGB's: the awning, the sound system, the phone booth, a table and a few chairs, the cash register (complete with a bumper sticker emblazoned across the front that reads: "FUCK YOU, PAY ME"), and other paraphenalia.

Finally, we got to the current special exhibit, which is "John Lennon in New York City." Put together by Yoko Ono, the section celebrates Lennon's time living in the Big Apple, and includes clips, articles of clothing (including his famous "New York City" t-shirt), notes, postcards, and more. (tiggerallyn, you need to see this show if at all possible. Trust me.) For more about the Lennon exhibit check the press release.

Admission isn't cheap, but you get a great show. If rock'n'roll soothes your soul, and you're in the NYC area, check it out.

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