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my Sunday feeling

Off to the dojo shortly to aid with the promotion. Every three months, folks who are eligible to go up a level from white belt up to brown belt are invited to go for promotion, and various black belts and advanced brown belts assist Shihan is running the promotion. There's a kids' promotion and an adult one -- the rules for helping out are less strict for the kids, because there's so many of them, so I've been helping out regularly with those since I was an advanced yellow belt. Today, though, I'm an advanced brown belt, so I'm able to help with the adult one as well (whether I do or not will depend on how many black belts there are in proportion to how many adults are going up, which I won't know until 1.30 when that promotion rolls 'round....).

Last night I finished the YA proposal. Now I need feedback on it before I can write up sample chapters. Other goals for today include writing Farscape: Gone and Back #3, giving suricattus back her big-ass tupperware (and getting some books from her), and installing my air conditioner.
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