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irons in the fire update

Farscape comics

Strange Detractors. Issue #3 comes out in two days. The script for #4 was turned in on 3 April, with the lettering done as of 19 May.

D'Argo's Lament. The script for #3 was turned in on 8 March, with the pencils done as of 14 May. The script for #4 was turned in on 17 April.

Gone and Back. The script for #1 was turned in on 4 May, with the pencils for four pages done as of 28 May. The script for #2 was turned in on 20 May. I'm partway through the script for #3 and hope to finish it today, and #4's script is due on 15 June.

D'Argo's Trial. The script for #1 was turned in on 12 May, with the breakdowns done as of 22 May. The script for #2 was turned in on 26 May. The script for #3 is due on 8 June, with #4's script due on 22 June.

The next miniseries after Gone and Back will be called Tangled Roots.


All five chapters of Volume 1 of StarCraft: Ghost Academy are turned in, with three of the five chapters wholly approved by Blizzard Games, Chapter 4 partly approved, and still waiting for word on Chapter 5. Artwork has commenced on Chapter 1. I don't have specific deadlines for Volumes 2 or 3 yet, but they will be commenced, uh, soonish.

Spectres is now due 1 August with the moving of the publication date up to April 2010.

I may or may not be scripting a short piece or two for one of the Frontline anthologies for TokyoPop.

Mack Bolan, Executioner

The manuscripts for both Code of Honor and Caribbean Queen have been turned in, on 5 May 2008 and 3 November 2008, respectively, and both are as far as I know, on track to be published in December 2009 and June 2010.

Star Trek

"The Unhappy Ones" in Seven Deadly Sins was turned in on 1 December 2008. While some authors have gotten revision notes, I have yet to receive any, which means either a) there aren't any or b) the editor hasn't gotten to it yet....

I've got two comic book pitches with IDW, and just waiting to hear back on them.


I have a proposal in for a Supernatural novel that is approved by Daddy Warnerbucks, but I'm waiting for a finalized deal with the publisher before I know a) how much I'm getting paid and b) when it's due. According to an e-mail I just got from my editor, this probably won't happen until later in the summer.


The revised manuscript for "Three Sides to Every Story" for 25 Years of Art and Fiction was turned in on 25 April.


"Letter from Guadalajara" for More Tales of Zorro was turned in on 30 April, and is awaiting final approval by Zorro Productions.

Dragon Precinct

My last shot at doing more novels was dashed (at least for as long as the first book remains in print). However, two small-press anthology editors have asked for short stories in the universe, which should see the light of day in 2010. More on those when they're closer to being written...

Other stuff

"Avengers Assemble--In the Bookstore!" for Assembled! 2 seems to be on track to be published by the end of the year. We might even have copies for Dragon*Con (then again, we might not....).

A short story for a shared world anthology really needs to be done by the end of June or I won't be in the anthology -- and this is a story I'd really like to do, but carving out the time has been problematic....

A YA tie-in trilogy proposal was turned in to the game company that it ties into and the agent representing the game company for their approval on 30 May. Once they okay the proposal, I'll do sample chapters.

Two short-shorts -- "Wild Bill Got Shot" and "Behold a White Tricycle" -- need new markets, though one of them will appear in the FenCon program book.

My Wonder Woman essay for BenBella remains on indefinite hold. Two comic book pitches have been sitting on the editor's desk since 27 September 2007 (holding my breath, I ain't).

Seven original novel proposals are awaiting me having a minute to write them up. That seems like a lot, but really only three of them are front-burnered: in priority order, a mystery, an urban fantasy, and a traditional fantasy.

A tie-in novel pitch is with a packager who's shopping it around.

A comic book proposal and a tie-in novel pitch are both liked by their respective editors, but are waiting for room to open up in the respective schedules.

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