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Schott's Miscellany 1 June 2009

Queen's Birthday (New Zealand)


June is probably derived from iuvenis ("young"), but it is also linkied to the goddess Juno, who personifies young women. In Scots Gaelic, the month is known as Ian t-òg-mbìos, the "young month"; and in Welsh, as Mehefin, the "middle."

According to weather lore, Calm weather in June, / Sets corn in tune.

To june a herd of animals is to drive them in a brisk or lively manner.

Wilfred Gowers-Round asserts that "June is the reality of the Poetic's claims for May."

In parts of South Africa, the verb to june-july is slang for shaking or shivering with fear--because these months, while summer in the north, are midwinter in the south.

MEDICAMENTATION--the act of administering medicines
"Jon was adept in the art of medicamentation."
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