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Mere Anarchy reviewed!

steve_mollmann writes an in-depth review of Star Trek: Mere Anarchy, the omnibus of six TOS eBook novellas that I edited in 2006, and which was recently collected into book form.

Money quote:
I think the biggest tribute I could make to this book is that I don't want to know what's happened to Mestiko by the 24th century. My knee-jerk reaction was to wonder how the planet had ended up a century later, but then I realized that any such followup would be hollow. So much of this excellent book is defined by the planet's relationship with the original Enterprise crew, as embodied in Kirk and Raya, that a story about the planet without any of those characters would just be disappointing; Keith DeCandido and his crack team of writers just did their jobs too well here. I was excited about this project from the moment it was first announced back in 2006, and I'm pleased that upon finally reading it, it took advantage of its unique situation to tell a magnificent story that only a project like this really could.

I'm inordinately proud of MA, and I'm glad to see it continuing to get good press.
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