Keith R.A. DeCandido (kradical) wrote,
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I never could get the hang of Thursdays....

Had my weekly shrink appointment, which went very well (she helped me clarify stuff in my head, which is always good), then I had lunch with one of the black belts at the dojo who's also a very good friend, then came home and (finally!) moved the litter box from my room to the library. Then I did some final adjustments to Farscape: Gone and Back #3's script to make it ready to go to Henson for final approval. Now I'm off to the Starbucks (likely to be joined by suricattus) to work on Blizzard's revisions to Chapter 5 of StarCraft: Ghost Academy Volume 1.

Tonight is karate, then home to do some research for a pitch I was invited to make.

Cha cha cha....
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