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well, FUCK!

So I get home after finally making some significant progress on Chapter 5 of StarCraft: Ghost Academy Volume 1 at a midtown Starbucks. I plunk the jump drive in--

--and the computer can't read it. Neither can Opportunity anymore. Neither can terri_osborne's computer. It says that the drive isn't formatted.

Methinks it got wet and got fucked up.

Which means all the work I did today is kaput and needs to be re-created.

The day was going so well, too. I finally fulfilled all the outstanding book orders (expect a new post on that shortly), bought girasole's birthday present, checked the PO box, and then got lots of writing done. I also started Janet Evanovich's Finger-Lickin' Fifteen. Despite being rained on all fucking day and despite the lack of any money in the PO box (feh), I was actually in something of a good mood.

Said mood has evaporated, and I'm spitting nails. I also cracked open a bottle of beer (Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale).

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